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A boy bullied but becomes

A young black kid, bullied yet he was seemingly chosen for something special. Why did the Gods choose him, this will be learned later. If you follow the series you'll see. The video above gives you a hint.

My name is Lorenzo. I am a twelve year old African American boy living in the inner city of a large metropolitan area on the east coast of North America. At the time I found the gem, I was living with my relatives while my mother worked and lived elsewhere. My mother was trying to make a better life for me and my brother. She visited frequently pretty much every weekend as work kept her very busy. My father left us when we were very young. Pretty early on, she moved us to live with my Aunt Georgia and her boyfriend being they were the only ones willing keep us under this arrangement.

The home I lived in was a modest two story four bedroom home with a basement, front and back porch and a relatively large backyard. My relatives also cared for cats. Occasionally I would have to assist with the care of these animals. Living with me was my younger brother. My brother and I were not very close. My younger brother had the closer relationship with my Aunt. He seemed to get away with breaking the rules and I resented him for that.

Our early childhood was influenced by unhealthy and dysfunctional family relationships. We witnessed a lot of violence. To escape, I enjoyed playing games outside. Most games were played on the sidewalk in front of the house with many neighborhood friends my age joining the fun. We played hide & seek, tag, red light, green light. Like most children my age, I had bullies to contend with, and they made life sometimes unbearable. On numerous occasions, I would go out alone to explore and get away from everything; my relatives, the bullies or escape inside the house while my younger brother played outside. I needed to be anywhere, somewhere to be alone.

On the day I found the gem, that afternoon, I decided to explore the alley behind my house. It exited onto the main street. This summer day, the sun high in the sky, noontime position shining bright in the sky. It was hot and pretty humid. A typical warm summer day on the East Coast. To stay cool, I was dressed in a blue and white stripped polo shirt with blue shorts. To top it off, I wore my white and black converse shoes, I was ready for adventure distracted from the awful situation I found myself in. The alley was about one block from one end to the other exited into either street. There was a T where another direction continued south. The floor of the alley was lined with red bricks. The south direction went past my Aunt’s backyard. Each side of the alley had garages or backyards of the neighboring homes. The backyards usually had wood porches with stairs leading to locked gates, and chain link fences separating each house. The garages usually filled the entire backyard. Some yards had dogs in them that would bark when someone walked down the alley by the fences they are enclosed in.

Imagine living in a home where you are not wanted? A place where you are separated from you parents? It can't be good when you play games outside with your neighbors and take walks to distract yourself from thinking about where you live? How many children are in that situation? What options or resources do they have? Without having resources or something to distract, it can get overwhelming. And if it does become overwhelming, what do they do to mentally and emotionally survive? What happens next for Lorenz to help him manage?

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